Joe Carter Construction was founded by Joe and Mayme Maxey Carter in Los Angeles, California during the 1930s. Now headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the family owned company builds residential, industrial and commercial spaces. The Company's CEO, Pam G. Eudaric, is Joe's and Mayme's Granddaughter.

Joe Carter Construction continues to operate as it did when Joe and Mayme Carter began their business and family:

  • Sent for you yesterday and here you come today.

                    Always be responsive and on time.

  • I ask you about the Army and here you are explaining the Navy.  

                   Listen carefully to and respect your customers.

  • Don't get paint on the brush handle.


                    Don't waste material. Always take pride in your work.


  • Remember who you come from.


                    A legacy of  "Integrity and Excellence."

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